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Date: 17th August 2018
Automatic Bottle Decals Printing Machine
?Automatic Bottle Decal Screen Printing Machine Introduction?Screen printing has been applied to ceramic bottle printing for long history. For its particular advantage of full ?and fresh ink layer which can reach 30~40mm.According to solvent,Website:, there are two type of decals: low temperature and high temperature.Slow drying ceramic ink need long drying time, Normally long wicket dryer adopted to finish drying the printed sheet.KSP series automatic swing-cylinder screen printing machine produced by Shanghai Imprint is a kind of flat screen printing ?machine with high speed and precision. It is widely used in printing semi-rigid materials, such as golden and silver paper, transfer paper, thickness: 90g/m2~350g/m2 as well as plastic film(PVC/PCB/PET/PP), sticker, bank card ?etc.Application?1. ?Decals printing for ceramic, glass, enamel, lottery, auto&bicycle, furniture, athletic products ?etc.2. UV (spot) varnishing, Special effects printing, such as abrasive, wrinkle, snow and ice flower, reflection, bubble ?etc.3. Flexible cardboard, advertisement, tobacco&alcohol packaging printing as well as PVC, bank card printing. Features??Equipped with Japanese MITSUBISH frequency inverter and PLC to control and monitor whole running; Easy and convenient operation. ??Main electrical components and mechanical driving are imported brand; stable running, low noise , friendly operation, register precision?0.10mm.? Automatic sheet feeding device, two modes can be chose : universal and stream which can shifted freely according to different sheet thickness; Sheet outlet board can be turned down by 90?which ?let cleaning and replacing of screen plate become very convenient, position of screen frame can be micro-adjusted for correct printing. ??Cylinder processed by Germany grinding machine to ensure radial beat and circularity, the chromatic aberration of whole page kept the same; Cylinder ?gripper adopts Germany technology which can grip sheet accurately. ??Overall locking device adopted to printing squeegee, it can be locked very fast and stably. ??Novel screen frame structure, pneumatic clamping device used to fasten screen plate.?Full and fresh ink layer is up to 30~40mm, Which presents high 3D feeling and hard-coating.Technical ParameterMODELKSP720KSP780KSP1020Max. Sheet Size?mm?720?520780?5401020?740Min Sheet Size ?mm?350?270350?270560?350Max. Printing Size?mm?720?500780?5201020?720*Sheet Thickness?g/m2?90-35090-350120-350Screen Frame Size?mm?880?880940?9401280?1140*Printing Speed?p/h?1000--36001000?33001000?3000Total Power?kw?7.587.7810.39 Total Weight ?kg?350038005500 Exterior Dimension?mm?4350?1960?12704350?2020?12704500?2450?1320*: The figures may be changed depending upon the printing materials and printing conditions.Featured Picture?Pneumatic plate clampingPush&pull side guide??Outside guide adjustable handlePrinting cylinder?Feeder?Anti-static&dust eliminator(optional)PrintingSolution KSP720/780/1020 Printing Machine +KFD720/780/1020 Wicket Dryer
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